The Team

Heaten has assembled a team of experts, made up of our board of directors and engineers who has been with us since the start.

Over 30 years of industrial experience as an international executive in the various sectors Heaten is targeting: chemicals, food, and energy.

Koot has a strong background in technology and business.

He has worked with VCs, and private equity funds, helping them to develop opportunities and grow their business.

MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology and a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD.


Jeroen Koot

Former CTO and Special Projects Director in Viking Heat Engines and CTO in other engineering companies

System responsible/site manager Norwegian Navy Costal Corvette

Propulsion system expert, technical advisor, electrical engineer

Geir Robstad

Former Head of R&D in Viking Development Group since 2009

Control systems manager and -engineer in V-Tech and Aker Solutions

Main inventor behind CraftEngine and HeatBooster technologies

Thermodynamics expert, design specialist and electrical engineer

Harald Nes Rislå

Former Technical Sales Manager in Viking Heat Engines

Former Project Development Manager at Climeworks

Heat pump market expert

Experienced application engineer

Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with focus on energy and process technology

André Bechem
Head of Market Research, Sales & Customer Journey

Former CTO and application engineer in Viking Development Group since 2008

Sales and system manager for Marine and offshore applications in Denison Hydraulics and Hagglunds Drives

Hydraulic system design

Product- and Business Development


Trond Bjerkan
Senior Application Engineer

Master of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Renewable Energy.

Three years of experience as an energy advisor. Development of energy efficiency plans, use of energy management information system, thermography of buildings, planning of energy and climate sustainable development.

Arijan Krapic
Sales & Application Engineer

Master’s degree in Global Journalism

Former journalist and freelancer in national newspapers and magazines

Experienced and trained photographer

Former content creator for web based businesses

Transcriptionist and translator

Trine Robstad
Media & Brand Manager

Former lead engineer for engine design at AVL-Schrick

Technical specialist for valvetrain, crank train and special designs in piston engines

23 years of experience in the design and testing of combustion engines, compressors, and fuel cell auxiliaries.

Former guest lecturer at the university of applied sciences in cologne

Christian Schlüter
Lead Design Engineer

Former Senior Lifecycle Engineer for Aker Solutions

Former Test & Commissioning Engineer for MacGregor

15 years’ experience in industrial and process control

Control system design, programming, testing, commissioning and support

Tobias Schaer
Senior Control Systems Engineer

25 years of experience from various roles in the oil and gas industry company MHWirth / Aker Solutions.

Roles related to process systems, control systems, product and systems management, project management, quality management, technology qualification etc.

Master of Science from NTNU and Master of Management from BI.”

Lars Kristian Igland
Lead Systems Engineer

Former R&D Engineer at Viking Heat Engines.

Master in Energy Systems and Business Management from KTH, Stockholm.

2 years as a researcher of thermodynamics and material science in the ETH-domain in Switzerland, specializing in sustainability, renewable energy, and piston engine development.

Built software for the shipping industry as well as rolled out a network of smart electricity meters in Africa and Southeastern Asia.


Mattias Nilsson
Software and Data Engineer

Mechanical engineer (computer science in mechanical engineering).

Former Lead Engineer Product Line Battery at AVL-Schrick.

In total 13 years of experience in testing and design department with test-setups, test-rig-design, CHP-systems and battery-systems for vehicle applications.

Moritz Becker
Lead Engineer High Temperature Heat Pumps

18 years of experience from various controller and financial manager roles, mainly in the processing industry.

Accounting, Financial reporting, Profitability modelling and analysis.

Master‘s degree in Business Administration and Executive MBA in Management Control

Jostein Moe
Senior Controller

13 years of experience from Nordea in Oslo. 22 years of experience within oil and gas, MHWirth/Aker Solutions.

Roles such as; project coordinator, Administrative Support, Executive Assistant, Planning, HR, Recruitment.

Worked within in sales and recruitment for onshore and offshore installations the last years.

Lissie-Ann Wallin
Office Manager

MSc Electrical engineering with a focus on Automotive and Renewable Energy.

Former development engineer at Viking Heat Engines Germany with experience in process automation and thermodynamics of heat pumps.

Certified Functional Safety Engineer according to IEC 61508 with 10 years of experiences in industrial automation.

Experienced in process automation, control system design, and thermodynamic test coordination.

Alexander Zaiss
Lead Process Automation Engineer

Former Field Service Engineer for Baumer HHS Qualitycontrol Systems.

Former Mechanical Engineer for Lindt&Sprünglie GmbH.

Experience with Commissioning Installations, Service work, Customer experience, Supervising on costumer sides.

Electrical degree and Mechanical degree.

Over 10 years of experience in various Engineering departments and on customer sites all around the world.



Julian Göttschkes
Service Engineer

15 years of experience from Aker BioMarine, working 10 years on board the krill fishing vessels in Antarctica and 5 years in the Offshore Operation and Supply Chain Team as Fleet Production Manager; coordinating offshore fleet operations, planning, monitoring, and executing vessel production, sourcing, supplies, logistics, and product quality control.

Studies in Mathematics and Physics in Bergen and Munich.

MBA studies at University of Agder’s School of Business and Law.

Dag O. Ottosen
Supply Chain Manager

Our vision

Heaten’s vision is to save 1 Gigaton of CO2 emissions annually by 2050.

Our mission

Heaten’s mission is to save energy and reduce global CO2 emissions by providing the leading industrial heat pump solution to customers

Heaten’s advanced, efficient and valuable very-high-temperature heat pump technology accelerates the transition to clean and efficient industrial heat.

Heaten is committed to being at the forefront of technology, digitalization, and innovation.

The company

February 2023

The board of directors appoints Jeroen Koot as new chief executive officer.

November 2022

Heaten appoints Wendy Lam as the Chair of the board.

January 2022

Heaten secures funding from Azolla Ventures, Nysnø Climate Investments and Shell Ventures.

June 2021

The board of directors appoints Peter P. Breithaupt as new chief executive officer.

April 2021

Heaten appoints Knud C. Petersen as Chariman of the board.

May 2021

Heaten secures funding from Valinor.

Fall 2020

Customer engagement, testing Road-to-market and Digitalization Strategy.


Building C-team and business case, strategy, corporate consolidation.

March 2020

Focus on industrial heat: Heaten AS, co-founded by former VHE, CTO and R&D directors, acquiring assets from VHE.

December 2019

Technology team consolidated to develop large scale Heat Pumps for industrial customers.

January 2019

First commercial HP customer installation.


Cumulated EUR 30m investment in R&D, engineering and testing.


Pivot development towards R&D into Very High Temperature Heat Pump.


ORC system engineering and long-term testing; achieved 60,000 hours.


First principle review of ORC and heat pump thermodynamics; focus on ORC R&D into ORC marchines.

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