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Renewable energy with high temperature heat pump
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Very High Temperature Heat Pump

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Industrial applications

The HeatBooster provides process heat using waste heat. The waste heat is lifted up to high temperature levels which can be re-used in your industrial applications.

Immense CO2 reduction

One 1MWth HeatBooster can save between 1,000 and 3,000 ton CO2 per year.

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Electrifying heating processes is industry’s most important decarbonization task.


of fossil fuelled heating energy is used for low process temperatures between 100-150  ̊C


of industrial CO2 emissions come from the combustion of fossil fuels.


of CO2 reduction potential is identified in low- and medium temperature industries.



Very high temperature heat pumps based on innovative piston machine technology.

With 12 years of R&D, design and engineering experience, Heaten has 3 years head start on the competition.