Corporate profile

Heaten owns the leading industrial Very High Temperature Heat Pump (VHTHP) technology (the “HeatBooster”) and has a 9-year R&D history covering heat-to-power (organic Ranking cycles, ORCs) and power-to-heat machines and has developed a robust patent portfolio for its technologies. Heaten has successfully delivered process temperatures up to 165°C.

Heaten’s technology utilizes waste heat, increases energy efficiency, and enables significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in heavy industry sectors, such as food, plastic, pulp and paper, breweries, and drying processes, by replacing fossil-fueled heat supply. The company is looking at additional growth markets such as hydrogen production, carbon capture and data centers. Heaten’s R&D roadmap aims to develop above 200˚C heat pumps in the coming years.

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Founded in 2020, Heaten AS is headquartered in Kristiansand, Norway with teams based in Germany and The Netherlands. Heaten has a long-standing relationship with engineering partner AVL Schrick, Remscheid, Germany.

Heaten has a strong team of engineers and a leadership team responsible for delivering and bringing the best industrial Very High Temperature Heat Pump (VHTHP) technology to customers. Key manufacturing partners and assembly sites are in Germany, with future packaging centres foreseen in Asia and North America.


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