Heaten secures loan from Innovation Norway to support growth agenda

Innovation Norway supports Heaten’s growth and scale up with debt financing.

“The industrial heat pump developed by Heaten AS has the potential to contribute to considerable energy efficiency and emissions reduction in industrial applications. Innovation Norway now provides debt financing to Heaten through our Green Growth Loan scheme to facilitate further development and commercialization of the technology. We look forward to continuation of the good cooperation with Heaten”, says Jon Arne Rasmussen from Innovation Norway.

This year Heaten will also complete its series round B which will take the company to series production.

Heaten provides heat pumps to decarbonise industrial heat, supplying hot water or steam up to 200°C by using waste heat. The HeatBooster provides high efficiency with unmatched size and flexibility – the heat pumps range from 1 to 8 MWth and can be combined to provide over 50 MWth. The piston-based technology is mature, with earlier versions of the machine operating for more than 30,000 hours in the field.

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