The HeatBooster makes efficient use of waste heat energy and lifts this up to useful energy at high temperature levels which can be reused in your industrial applications, thus reducing the overall operational cost and reducing the CO2 emissions.

We offer extensive expertise and the most flexible technology based on our novel piston compressor, which lets us customize and optimize solutions adapted to your specifications with a high overall efficiency.

The effect of the HeatBooster

One of the most effective tools for increasing energy-efficiency.

Pulp & Paper

- Drying
- Steam supply

Food & Beverages

- Distillation
- Pasteurization
- Sterilization
- Drying
- Spray Drying
- Blanching
- Concentration
- Smoking
- Boiling
- Evaporation
- Scalding
- Tempering


- Distillation
- Compression
- Thermoforming
- Concentration


- Resin moulding
- Paint drying

Carbon Capture

- Significant reduction in OPEX for carbon capture technologies
- Increasing the efficiency of the carbon capture technologies


- Drying
- Pickling
- Degreasing
- Electroplating
- Phosphating


- Injection moulding
- Pellets drying


- Colouring
- Drying
- Washing
- Bleaching


- Glueing
- Pressing
- Drying
- Steaming
- Cocking


- Sterilization
- Drying
- Spray Drying
- Heating
- Steam supply

Data Center

- Cooling of data center's
- Providing usable heat to industry or district heating grids

District Heating

- Providing high temperature heat to the district heating grids
- Providing high temperature heat to industry (district heating grid as heat source)
- Providing different temperatures during summer and winter with the same HeatBooster


- Methanol production

Building & Construction

- Brick production
- Drying processes


- Production of E-Fuels

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