The HeatBooster

To serve the international requirements for a drastic reduction in global CO2 emissions over the next years, Heaten is developing a range of 1-8 MWth industrial very high temperature heat pumps, which can be used to replace traditional oil, gas and coal boilers that are commonly used within many industries.

The HeatBooster is now one out of a very few heat pump technologies that can provide output temperatures in the range above 100 °C, and likely the only technology that can provide an output temperature all the way up to 200 °C.


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Specification HBL4 - W/W

Lift from 90 to 120°C Water/Steam*
Heating powerMWth 1.91
Cooling powerMWth 1.59
Electrical powerMWel0.35
Coefficient of Performance-5.40
Dimensions and weight
Operating range

Key product characteristics

  • Very high temperature output - up to 200 °C

    Output temperature limit with current working fluid is 200°C.

  • Direct steam supply up to 12 bar

    HeatBooster can provide direct steam and replace traditional fossil fuel boiler systems.

  • Robust, proven design

    Low-maintenance and service life for more than 20 years.

  • Compact footprint

    1.5 MWth fit into a 20ft container.

  • Achieving high Lorenz COP* with use of cascading

    Achieving a high COP on applications with high temperature differences on the heat source and/or sink side.

  • High performance with variable load

    Part load ability up to 20% of the nominal power with constant high efficiency.

  • High coefficient of performance (COP) at high-temperature lifts

    COP in the range of >50% of Carnot Limit.

  • Compatible with HFO's and HC's working fluids with very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of << 10

    The HeatBooster technology platform allows using many different working fluids to adapt on different applications.

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