BENEO reduces emissions with Heaten’s High Temperature Heat Pump

In summer 2024, BENEO takes the next step in reducing emissions further by taking into operation Heaten’s HeatBooster, HBL4 at its Wijgmaal plant in Belgium. In BENEO’s drying application for rice ingredients, the HBL4 will provide a thermal output across a temperature range of almost 100°C, using wastewater at about 20°C as heat source. Heaten’s large scale piston compressor technology allows to do this in a single stage while providing more than 1 MWth. This will result in a great reduction in natural gas consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition, the wastewater is cooled down by the heat pump and no additional cooling tower needs to be installed which avoids additional water consumption.

BENEO has long-term experience in developing and producing plant-based functional ingredients from natural sources for the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.

Heaten provides heat pumps to decarbonise industrial heat, supplying hot water or steam up to 200°C by using waste heat. The HeatBooster provides high efficiency with unmatched size and flexibility – the heat pumps range from 1 to 8 MWth and can be combined to provide over 50 MWth. The piston-based technology is mature, with earlier versions of the machine operating for more than 30,000 hours in the field.

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