Heaten signs production agreement

Heaten and AVL met for an official signing of a production agreement in January. Heaten’s first HeatBooster will soon go into production.

Harald Nes Rislå, Geir Robstad and Christian Schlüter from Heaten together with part of the team at AVL Schrick.

“We are proud to be selected by Heaten AS to be their main development partner for their exciting Heat Pump System. We will soon see a milestone in Heat Pump technology on the market that enables the industry to further improve process efficiencies. AVL Schrick GmbH is proud to be working with the inspiring team from Heaten on a technology that results in a reduced CO2 footprint and contributes to a sustainable future”, says Roger Wildemann, CEO at AVL Schrick.

from the left: Harald Nes Rislå and Geir Robstad.

Heaten is excited to be working with AVL Schrick, the largest independent motor development company in the world. AVL is a specialist in development of motors, compressors, ORC’s etc. Decades of experience in motor development is exactly what Heaten needs to complete the industrial very-high temperature heat pump which is based on piston machine technology. The close partnership will moreover increase Heaten’s engineering capacity.

“Achieving 165 °C process temperatures, Heaten AS’ industrial-scale very-high-temperature heat pump technology is the first to tie so strongly together both the rapidly evolving renewable power-to-heat markets and the ability to scale manufacturing by utilizing already existing heavy-duty combustion engine production facilities. After nine years of R&D and three years of successful operation of its technology platform, Heaten’s pivotal qualities are built on sustainable partnerships with tier-1 engineering and technology providers. With AVL Schrick, Heaten AS has found a strong partner which combines experienced engineering knowledge with turn-key assembly and testing capabilities”, says Peter P. Breithaupt, CEO at Heaten.


AVL Schrick will be working on the detail design, layout design as well as providing their experience in lubrications and sealing. In addition, AVL has the capacity to run a small series production. Currently Heaten and AVL is getting ready to build the first two HeatBoosters. One of them are being delivered to a customer in the Netherlands.

First HeatBooster

The first HeatBooster will be a 1 MW heat pump, but the range will eventually be expanded up to 6 MW. Heaten’s heat pump is based on an efficient, durable and highly flexible piston technology. It successfully delivers heat with process temperatures up to 165 ° C. The HeatBooster is based on a proven technology platform and is adapted to market with a great need for heat in the temperature range 100-200° C. One of the many advantages with a piston based compressor is that the technology is optimized toward series production as piston machines have been built for over 100 years. The technology is well developed and has solutions that are highly flexible, efficient, and scalable.

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