Change in Management Team

The Heaten Board of Directors and COO/co-founder Geir Robstad announce that he has decided to step down from the Management Team of Heaten. Robstad will pursue a new opportunity and he has expressed enthusiasm for the next chapter in his career while supporting Heaten as a shareholder. Robstad will continue as Advisor to the Board during a transition period.

Chair of the Board, Wendy Lam: “Heaten owes Robstad a great debt of gratitude that through his knowledge and commitment has brought the company to this point“. Robstad adds, “that he takes great pride that, together with fellow founder Harald Nes Rislå, the new MW sized HeatBooster HBL4 is now in place and we have orders in the pipeline” Robstad adds, “I am also immensely grateful for the collaboration, camaraderie, and shared accomplishments we have experienced together. The success of Heaten is a testament to the collective efforts of this exceptional team”.

Moving forward

In February this year, Jeroen Koot was appointed CEO for the scale-up of Heaten’s growth strategy. Mrs Gosia Bakalarz has assumed responsibility for Heaten’s Supply Chain Management, and Mr André Bechem has been assigned additional responsibilities in Business Development and Sales.

Both Jeroen Koot (CEO) and Harald Nes Rislå (CTO) are confident that a successful foundation has been established for Heaten’s exponential growth agenda and that next to launching customer Südzucker many heat-intense industries will be served in the nearest future.