Heaten, alongside Google’s energy storage spin-off Malta, is identified as a start-up “to draw inspiration from”.

Aster Fab’s latest newsletter

Aster Fab’s latest newsletter “Power-to-heat – Towards more sustainable industries” concludes that renewable power-to-heat technologies help industries to reduce their CO2 emissions and increase efficiency with operating costs of using electricity to generate heat comparable to those of fossil fuel-based sources. High-performance heat pumps can generate more than 4–5 kWh of useful heat for every 1 kWh of electricity consumed.

Interestingly Aster Fab already mentions the huge potential of Heaten’s technology to offer higher flexibility in the power system when equipped with smart load management. Industrial application technologies are already mature and commercially available.

The newsletter can be downloaded here as pdf:  Aster fab March 2021 Power-to-heat – Towards more sustainable industries

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