Heaten appoints Jeroen Koot as CEO for its scale-up agenda

The appointment of Jeroen Koot as CEO is a next step in Heaten’s growth strategy as a leader in decarbonizing industrial heating processes and saving energy with Very High Temperature Heat Pumps (VHTHP).

Heaten is on a mission to decarbonize and save energy for industrial processes with its very-high-temperature heat pump (VHTHP) HeatBooster. The HeatBooster efficiently recovers energy from low temperature waste heat flows, and transfers the energy to high temperature water or steam.

Heaten’s piston-based VHTHP technology is unmatched when it comes to efficiency, flexibility for variable processes, robustness and temperature ranges up to 200°C, and lastly scalability to mass manufacturing. The technology has been developed for over a decade and is now ready to launch and serve the high demand from the market for its HeatBooster.

Wendy Lam, Chair of the Board of Directors commented, ‘We are happy Jeroen is joining Heaten, as he brings the right qualities to lead us through this exciting period of growth in Europe and beyond. He has solid industrial CEO experience and is an authentic leader who has a clear sense of the potential of Heaten’s role in the energy transition.’

‘Heaten is entering a next phase in its development, and we look forward to working closely with Jeroen to achieve our ambitious goals for the future’, adds Co-founder and COO, Geir Robstad.

Peter Breithaupt has stepped back for personal reasons, and will continue to support Heaten as Advisor.


About Heaten:

Our ambition is to become a market leader for industrial high-temperature heat pumps enabling a reduction of up to 1GT of CO2 emissions by 2050.

Heaten has built a strong ecosystem of international partnerships. The team is located in Kristiansand (Norway) with satellite offices in Germany (Remscheid). The company is backed by impact-focused investors (Shell Ventures, Nysnø klimainvesteringer AS, Azolla Ventures and Valinor AS).

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