Heaten AS announces the appointment of Wendy Lam as the new Chair of the Board

Heaten AS, the leading industrial Very-High-Temperature Heat Pump (VHTHP) technology provider, today announced the appointment of Wendy Lam as Chair of the Board.

Wendy Lam joins Heaten with over 20 years experience in operational and commercial leadership roles at international industrial companies in the energy and marine sectors. Wendy brings deep knowledge in product commercialization, setting up global supply chains and is currently working with clients on their emissions management and decarbonization journeys.

I am so energized to join the Heaten team as the Chair of the Board of Directors. Heaten is an innovative energy technology company built on proven products that have great potential to decarbonize industrial heat. Heaten has the technology, network of partners and team to address the growing industry need to produce energy efficiently while significantly reducing emissions. Its high temperature heat pumps (HeatBooster) are a key electrification solution that recycles waste heat and makes it useful for industrial heating processes.’.

Effective November 7, Lam succeeds Knud Petersen who will continue his valuable contributions to Heaten as a member of the board. Heaten thanks Petersen for his service as Chairman during an important stage of growth.


About Heaten:

Heaten owns the leading industrial Very-High-Temperature Heat Pump (VHTHP) technology (the “HeatBooster”) and has a 10-year R&D history covering heat-to-power (organic Ranking cycles, ORCs) and power-to-heat machines. Heaten has successfully delivered process temperatures up to 200 °C. With key market demand in the temperature range of 100-200 ˚C, Heaten have together with AVL Schrick developed megawatt-sized heat pumps using the current, proven technology platform. And are currently building the first pilot machines.

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